INTEC Netherlands BV is a joint venture between INTEC Engineering GmbH & AB Heatec BV. Both companies are working together over 10 years and they founded INTEC Netherlands BV at the 16th of February 2010.

Mr. E. Karrer is working over 30 years in het energy market and founded INTEC Engineering GmbH early 90-ties. Mr. A. Bastiani is working over twenty years in the energy market and started working at KonusKessel GmbH in the middle of the 80-ties. Later on he founded AB Heatec BV as follow up of the KonusKessel GmbH. Both companies, AB Heatec BV & INTEC Engineering GmbH, were working together as partners since 2002 and joined forces in February 2010.

INTEC Netherlands BV is as a independent office in the Netherlands, INTEC has become a recognized specialist in the field of thermal oil heating systems for numerous industries and clients. With activities and products spreading across the key fields of marine, inland vessels and land thermal systems, a comprehensive service offering ensures the longevity and reliability of its portfolio. Previously started at KonusKessel GmbH that was established over 30 years ago as a supplier of heating systems to the process industry and marine field for alternative ship cargo and fuel heating systems, the organization benefits from a long legacy of expertise. The Dutch office functioned as a design, sales and service facility for several industry conglomerates and has been involved in various challenging heating related projects over the years. As a result, INTEC archive contains the design and engineering data and experience of many land and marine installations operating across the world.